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Sunrise Home Care Services Ltd is committed to providing our clients and candidates with intelligent recruitment solutions and Support Services. We provide Health Care Assistants, Support Workers, Out Reach Workers, Senior Support Workers, Domestic Assistants, Kitchen Assistants and Cooks for permanent and temporary positions, filling a growing supply of jobs throughout the UK and in particular, London, Surrey and surrounding counties.
The team at SHCS Ltd Recruitment Specialists have a wealth of 'sector' knowledge in the provision of temporary and permanent staff. At SHCS Ltd Recruitment we are able to source experienced staff quickly and cost effectively.

When using Temporary staff - you are saved the process of payroll and associated administration and you will only pay for the hours that the Temporary Staff have worked.

When seeking Permanent staff - we can oversee the whole recruitment process for you, saving numerous man hours in what can be a long and sometimes arduous procedure. You only pay when you appoint a candidate who has been introduced via SHCS Ltd Recruitment Specialists.

Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to provide a high quality of service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without exception, and to deliver a personal and professional solution to your staffing needs.
See Out of Hours Service for more information.
  24 hours a day
  365 days a year
  Trained Consultants to answer every call
  Immediate candidate availability regardless of the time you call
  Same number contact at all times
Our approach is to provide our Clients with flexibility, attention to individual needs, quality of service and good value for money. This is monitored using our Quality Management Programme.

As part of our specialised service, we pride ourselves in the fact that we meet each of our clients face to face in order to fully understand their service needs and to develop a compatible working partnership.
SHCS Ltd Recruitment can provide staff for the following sectors:
  Learning Disabilities
  Physical Disabilities
  Mental Health
  Visual Impairment
  Challenging Behaviour
  The Elderly
  Domiciliary Care
Services We Offer
Sometimes all that is needed is some companionship. As part of our home care services we can sit with our clients at any time of the day or night....    
After Hospital Care
From helping people get back on their feet after surgery, to teaching people how to relearn day-to-day skills after a.....    
Personal Care
We can assist in all areas of personal care at home; washing, bathing and dressing, any time of the day, 365 days per year....    
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